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The Hotel

Caesars Palace opened its doors in 1966, and they've never closed them since (do Las Vegas resorts even *have* doors that can close?). This Roman themed hotel & casino is still one of the most attractive inside and out. It's Roman themed from the entrance to the casino, to the hotel and to the shopping mall. Everywhere you look there are Roman pillars, marble floors, statues and whatever else you can imagine. With about 3,200 rooms, all with a/c, TV and phones, a large casino, an events center (Circus Maximus; soon to be replaced by a nightclub similar to The Venetian's C2K) and a shopping mall, it's large. If you want to tour the property, make sure you've got some hours to spend, though that applies to most resorts in Las Vegas.back

The Casino

Caesars Palace offers not one, not two but three (!) casinos, where you can play just about every casino game known to mankind. Lessons are available on a regular basis. back

Other photos

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Caesars Palace offers a wide variety of restaurants such as the Palace Court, Bacchanal (offering a multicourse good ol' Roman dining experience), Neros (steaks and fresh seafood), the Japanese restaurant Ah'So, Primavera (Italian), Empress Court (Cantonese) and the 24-hour Cafe Roma. The Forum Shops (Caesars Palace own shopping mall) further offers Wolfgang Puck's Spago, The Palm, Planet Hollywood (it's still open, but for how long is unsure since it's parent company went belly-up) and the Stage Deli.back


Caesars Palace is well known for its top-notch entertainment in Circus Maximus (as long as it's still there) and also offers nightly entertainment in one of its casino lounges: the Olympic Lounge and La Piazza Lounge. Further more there is a piano bar (Palace Court Terrace) and the nightclub Cleopatra's Barge.back

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Have you ever imagined to stroll the streets of a cobble-stoned, real Roman village? Maybe you have, maybe you haven't - but one thing is for sure: you can! Go visit Caesars Palace's Forum Shop and that is exactly what you'll get. Under an ever changing sky - the idea has been copied by The Venetian, stroll through the streets and enjoy yourself. There are just two things seperating it from a real Roman village: the temperature is always nice, and it's indoors. But you'll hardly notice. This is one of those experiences one should not miss. And you can shop there, too. Now isn't that nice? We like to think so. Shops include Gucci, Esté Lauder, a Warner Bros. Studio Store (sorry, Warnerius Fraternius Studius Storius), Victoria's Secret and a great many others. You can also purchase Caesars Palace logo merchandise and tickets for the 3D motion ride. back

Other amenities

With three casinos, the Forum Shops, a video arcade, American Express office, unisex salon, show and car rental desks, Caesars Palace has quite a lot to offer. Throw in a swimming pool and a health spa, this resort has so much to offer you might never leave the premises. Caesars Palace won't mind - although it would mean you'd be returning to Las Vegas in no-time to get a taste of all the other things Las Vegas has to offer.back

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