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The Hotel

You might know, or at least have heard, that Las Vegas has some very large hotels. In fact, about 8 of the 10 largest hotels in the world are in Las Vegas. And this is Las Vegas' largest. For now, at least. Who knows what they're going to build next. But even if someone builds a bigger hotel, rest assured that this one will still be one of the biggest. With 4,254 rooms and 751 suites (yes, just over 5,000 rooms in all) it's going to be hard to top this. You might wonder 'Don't I get lost in such a big place?' Chances are, yes. And many people indeed do, at least in the casino. On the other hand however, we never got lost there, but could never find the right exit at Harrah's. If you've been with the boy (or girl) scouts, you should be able to find your way around though. For those who are afraid they might lose sleep over this fact: it was much worse before.
The property spans about 110 acres in total, which includes the hotel/casino, a convention center and a theme park. The theme park used to be larger in the time that Las Vegas thought it would be better to cater to families. This 'experiment' was dropped - let's face it, as long as you need to be 21 to join the real fun, these casinos are always in the way. What remains is a theme park that is only open daily in the summer and in the spring and fall on weekends. back

The Casino

With such a large hotel, you'd figure there'd be a large casino as well. And indeed, the casinofloor is huge. You can wander around for hours and discover something new all the time. That's all real nice and entertaining, but finding your favorite machine can be quite exhausting. And not to mention to go from your favorite machine to a restroom or restaurant. Because like everything in life, the things are never close together. They probably figure that you'll play more if it's such a long walk to the restrooms. Oh well. back

Other photos
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As we already mentioned, it can be quite a walk from where you are in the casino to a restaurant. Fortunately, there are plenty to choose from. Just to name a few of them: Emeril's New Orleans Fish House, Dragon Court, Wolfgang Puck café, Gatsby's, Brown Derby, La Scala (named after the Milan opera house and thus featuring opera posters and Italian fare) and Farmers Market, featuring McDonald's, Mamma Ilardo's Pizzeria, Hamada Orient Express and Haagen-Dazs. back


The MGM Grand houses two theatres and a stage in the casino area. In the Hollywood Theatre, you can catch headliners such as Tom Jones, Wayne Newton and many others throughout the year, while the MGM Grand Theatre is home to EFX, starring Broadway legend Tommy Tune. And if that's not enough, there's also the MGM Grand Garden Arena. For some lighter entertainment, try the Showbar Lounge (Variety) or the Brown Derby or Gatsby's Lounge for some piano tunes.back

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  • Shopping

    As with every trip, there's always time to shop. MGM Grand offers a variety of shops at the Star Lane Shops. Souvenirs abound, not only from MGM Grand but from MGM Entertainment as well. Set, like everything at the MGM Grand in a Hollywood theme, even just walking there is nice.back

    Other amenities

    The 'Other Stuff' section. What more is there to tell. Well, as the MGM Grand is conveniently located at the Four Corners, the Excalibur, New York New York and Tropicana are nearby. This means you will have to cross The Strip, which is very busy, and thus dangerous. But Las Vegas wouldn't be Las Vegas if they hadn't come with a plan: overhead walkways. Yes, you can safely walk to all of the aforementioned properties. A word of warning though: if you want to go to, let's say, the New York New York coming from Bally's using the monorail (oh, we hadn't told you yet? Well, there is a monorail running from Bally's to the MGM Grand) it's quite a hike.back

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