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New York, New York

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The Hotel

One of the famous landmarks in Las Vegas is the New York New York Hotel and Casino. Situated at the famous Four Corners, with MGM Grand, Tropicana and Excalibur occupying the other three, New York New York is just spectacular. They've managed to replicate the New York skyline with such famous buildings as the Empire State Building, the Chrysler building and, of course, the Statue of Liberty. All built on an approximate scale of one third, this is a sight not to miss. Keep your cameras handy, you want at least 5 photos of this one, but probably more. The hotel has over 2,000 rooms, in many different styles. Unfortunately, these rooms are not in the displayed buildings, but hey, you get a better view from the outside anyway. If you want to get a close-up look, take the roller coaster that goes around the buildings - and through the casino. Just one glitch there: it might be closed when there are strong winds.back

The Casino

While the outside of New York New York looks spectacular, wait until you are inside! The designers must have spent weeks in New York to get every nitty gritty detail down on paper, and it shows. If you've never been to Central Park, you won't need to go ever again. The main casino looks exactly like it. The trees are there, the street lamps and even the brooks are there. And the walkway (sorry, Brooklyn Bridge) from the Strip takes you right into Greenwich Village. Be prepared to see manhole covers, cobblestones and graffiti (yes, graffiti!). In this more than splendid environment you can play your heart out. Even the slotclub's name has a New York ring to it: The New York New York $lotExchange.
'Can it get any better than this?' you might wonder. Depends on what you're looking for. If you come with your kids, rest assured they won't be bored. One level up, your kids won't bother you. They can play in the Coney Island themed arcade. And wait in line for that roller coaster... back

Other photos

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The New York New York Hotel & Casino has a vast selection of eateries, ranging from Italian (Il Fornaio Cucina Italiano) to Chinese (Chin Chin). Other restaurants are America (open 24 hours), Coney Island Pavilion, featuring Nathan's Hot Dogs and Haagen-Dasz icecream, the 30's-40's styled Empire Bar, Gallagher's Steakhouse, Gonzalez y Gonzalez, Il Fornaio Panetteria, Schrafft's Ice Cream, and the Bar at Times Square. Whatever your likings, there should be something to your taste. back

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  • Entertainment

    The main feature at New York New York is Michael Flatley's Lord of the Dance, at the Broadway Theatre. If you don't like a lot of dancing or do not want to pay big money - even though these shows usually are worth it - check out the live entertainment at the Empire Bar, or the N.Y.P.D. (New York Piano Duo...) at the Bar at Times Square. If you do like dancing, but not watching it, groove out on all those great Motown hits at the Motown Café.back


    After you've won the jackpot you can leave your money right at New York New York. Or, given the casino odds (hey, let's be honest...), spend some in the shops before you hit the slots (or rather, before the slots hit your bankroll). Blend your picture with one of over 200 scenarios at Cashman's Photo Magic. Or visit the Euphoria Beauty Center. Or get some of the magic at Houdini's Magic Shop, or one of those fancy NY NY souvenirs at the I Love New York New York Signature Shop (I guess they had some lettering left over when they came up with *that* name!). See? Enough ways to spend your jackpot.back

    Other amenities

    Is there more? Well, we already mentioned the roller coaster. It's got a name as well. The Manhattan Express. But I guess you would have figured that already. We also mentioned the arcade. We did not, however, tell you there's a pool too. And you can play tennis at the MGM Grand Tennis club. We'll leave it at that. Isn't it enough already?back

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