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Silverton Hotel & Casino

3333 Blue Diamond Road, Las Vegas, NV 89139
(702) 263-7777 or 800-588-7711 Fax: 702/361-8933

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The Hotel

The Silverton Hotel & Casino (formerly known as Boomtown) is located off I-15, just south of the Strip on Blue Diamond road. While this might not be your first choice of location, this place has one thing going for it: location. Yes, it's not on the Strip, but if you want a quieter area to stay, check this one out.
The hotel has not only 300 guest rooms but Pool and Jacuzzi Suites as well. Advertised rates at the moment are as low as $29 ($69 for the suites)*. Rooms include coffee makers, full bathrooms and room service. If you're a happy camper and come with your RV, it's nice to know that Silverton has 460 RV spaces with a 4 star AAA Travel Guide rating (advertised rates as low as $16.95).*
*Rates are subject to change. Please contact The Silverton Hotel & Casino for current rates.back

The Casino

The 30,000 square foot casino is filled with 1,200 slot & video poker machines (including coin free games in Penny Lane and 100% payback on 200 video poker machines) and 19 table games (including Let it Ride). The Silverton has weekly blackjack tournaments and regular slot & video poker tournaments.back


The Silverton Hotel & Casino has two restaurants: a 24 hour Coffee Shop and Rattlesnake Ricky's. The hotel offers buffet nights and every night there is a different dinner theme to add to the fun.back


Even though the Silverton doesn't have a big show like the Strip properties, there's regular star entertainment and nightly entertainment at Rattlesnake Ricky's, featuring blues, jazz, comedy, karaoke and more. back

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Silverton Hotel & Casino merchandise is available, both at the hotel and on-line. Visit the Silverton website for details.back

Other amenities

Those of you coming with your RV will be interested in the amenities: check-in at park, on-site convenience store, pool, restrooms with washrooms and showers, full hookups (electric, water, etc.), free basic cable hookups and more. Apart from that there is shuttle service to the Strip (saves a lot of hassle parking your car) and a shuttle to Belz Factory Outlet World.back

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