When you're not in Las Vegas...

...you can play online.

Sometimes, going to Las Vegas just isn't possible. The airline ticket doesn't fit your budget, or your boss won't give you time-off. But still, you want to play. The internet wouldn't be the internet if someone, somewhere hadn't come up with a solution to that problem.

There are numerous casinos online, and we intend to review most if not all of them. Unfortunately, that'll take quite some time. We decided not to let you wait to long, so we've teamed up with the Gold Club Casino to provide you with a test of online gaming: The Gold Club Casino Pirate Slots. It won't cost you a dime to play - the downside to that is: you're winnings are virtual too. But if the slotmachine gets you into the mood and you want to try real online gaming, you can click on the Gold Club Casino link on the slotmachine, sign up at the Gold Club Casino website and take a chance at winning some serious money from the comfort of your own home. Or click on one of the banners below to try online gaming right away. The choice is yours, all we can say is: have fun and good luck!

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