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4500 West Tropicana Avenue, Las Vegas, NV 89103
702/365-7111 Fax: 702/365-7535

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The Hotel

Laissez les bon temps roulez! Yes, the Big Easy is in Las Vegas, at about a mile west from the Strip. This 22-story hotel, with many features of the French Quarter, the Garden District and, ofcourse, Mardi Gras, has 840 rooms (this includes 30 suites). All standard rooms have separate sitting areas. The Orleans was developed by Coast Resorts, Inc. who are also the owners of Barbary Coast and Gold Coast.back

The Casino

The 120,000 square-feet casino is filled with over 2,200 slotmachines, 60 tables, a 20 screen Race & Sports Book (and they where nice enough to put in 125 seats as well!), a Poker Room with 20 of those tables and ofcourse the Keno Lounge, with another 60 seats. The Casino has a 40 feet high ceiling (anyone suffering from claustrophobia should stay here, we think), decorated as New Orleans street scenes. So you've got something to watch while your playing Craps, Roulette (you've gotta wait for that ball to roll anyways), Let it Ride, Baccarat or Blackjack (unless you're at a high pace table - then you'd better watch your bankroll).back


As The Orleans is not on the Strip, your dining choices are more limited than elsewhere; they made up for it by offering 8 restaurants however:
  • Canal Street
    Steak and seafood in New Orleans-cuisine style. They also offer prime rib and other dishes. A cozy fireplace tops it of during opening hours of 5pm to 11pm. Price range (indication): $12.95 to $24.95.
  • Don Miguel
    Sounds Mexican, huh? Well, you're right, it is. Be greeted by an impressive mirror, brass ceiling treatments, wall mural, margarita bar. They even offer food: 'a wide selection of authentic Mexican dishes'. You're welcome to try their menu from 11am till 11pm, the price range is from $8.45 to $13.95 (indication).
  • Vito's Ristorante
    Located on the second floor, overlooking the casino, the menu offers Italian specialties and (gourmet) pizzas. Open from 5pm till 11pm, with a price range of $7.95 to $24.95 (indication).
  • Courtyard Café
    New Orleans-style specials, an extensive menu of Chinese cuisine, served around the clock. Under $10 (indication).
  • French Market Buffet
    American, Mongolian, Chinese, Mexican, Italian and seafood. Eat as much as you can handle. Sounds good? Save some room for desert. Open 7am to 10am for breakfast ($4.95), 11am to 3pm for lunch ($6.95) and from 4pm to 11pm for dinner ($9.95). Each Sunday from 8am to 3pm there's the Sunday Brunch ($9.95) and on Monday Night it's time for the Seafood Buffet from 4pm to 10pm ($13.95). All prices are an indication and subject to change.
  • Terrible Mike's
    Whether you're in a hurry to go somewhere else or back to the casino, this is the place: the fast food restaurant is located on the casino floor and open from 9am to midnight. We still think it's a weird name though...
  • Kate's Corner
    If you can't stand the heat... go get an icecream. Or coffee if you can't stand the AC. Kate's Corner is located near the hotel registration area and open from 9am to Midnight.
  • Seattle's Best Coffee
    Want more coffee? Gourmet specialty coffees, lattes, mochas. Or cold blended drinks, including the coffee-coffee milkshake. Fresh baked items like muffins, danish, cinnamon rolls, dessert bars, giant cookies and bagels, it's all there (a word to the wise: don't go eating all those cookies if you want to go to the French Market Buffet as well...).back

  • Entertainment

    A New Orleans themed resort and no entertainment? Unheard of, unspeakable, unthinkable. Don't worry, that's what the developers though as well, so they've provided us mere mortals with a 827-seat Orleans-style (hey, what else) showroom and a smaller venue, with 140 seats to be exactly, called the Bourbon Street Café. Watch your head, though, they've got piano's hanging from the ceiling...
    But wait, there's more! (Do we sound like an infomercial to you already?) The Orleans also has a 12-plex movie theater with 3,240 seats, an arcade and a bowling center.back

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    Unfortunately, there's not a lot of shopping to do at The Orleans, just your basic gift shop with souvenirs, sundries and logo merchandise. The shop is open around the clock however - and we think that is nice indeed (somehow, we always want to buy souvenirs around 3am, don't ask why...).back

    Other amenities

    Things we didn't mention yet - partly because they didn't fit in elsewhere and partly because we wanted to save some information for this section - are:
  • Beauty salon and Barber Shop
  • Swimming pool complex
  • Three bars in the casino area
  • The Complimentary Shuttle! The shuttle will bring you from The Orleans to Barbary Coast (dead-center on the Strip!) and Gold Coast, which is located on Flamingo Road. And now for the hush-hush part: if you're not staying at The Orleans, this is a great way to get to The Orleans for free! back

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